Fund Overview

Tempo Growth Fund LLC (“Fund”) is a growth focused well diversified real estate investment fund. Fund’s strategy is to invest with the best operators in their niche, such as Self-Storage, Multifamily, Distressed & Discounted commercial debt, Conversion of Hotels to Affordable Multifamily housing, Office Redevelopment to Multifamily, and many others.

We invest with people who we “know, like and trust”, negotiating the best terms, leveraging our strong long-term relationship, as well as significant capital that we can bring to their deals.

The majority of the deals we invest in have a substantial “value-add” plan creating growth and forced appreciation, and thereby, enabling strong target ROI. Our primary objective is to maximize risk-adjusted return.   Target annual return to our investors is 12-18%.

Tempo Growth Fund is ideal for the long-term money that is focused on capital appreciation. The Fund passes to our investors very significant depreciation benefits and most of the returns come in the form of Capital gains.

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Tempo Growth Fund LLC Objectives Summary

Why to Invest with Tempo Growth Fund LLC


Past success is a great predictor of future performance.


Maximize number of assets and sponsors, minimize investments in a single asset.

Best Access Point

Access to deals that not available to public and elevated access through our negotiation improved terms into public deals.

Business Philosophy

Our investors come first.


Reputable third party legal, administration and onboard.


Online Portal, Quarterly Statements & Investor Update Zoom calls, Annual Meetings.

Tempo Growth Fund Areas of Investment

Tempo Growth Fund LLC planned areas of investment

Distressed Commercial Debt

  • Quadrant 2 deals with good downside protection, but no initial cashflow
  • Collect late fees and default interest (18-24% rate)
  • Foreclose if needed.  Usually, get repaid with 1-2 years as borrower finds money to repay
  • Target fund level IRR 16%+

Self-Storage value-add deals

  • Conversions from retail, industrial or other to Self-Storage
  • Ground up construction
  • Quadrant 4 deals typically, but could be some Q2 deals
  • Target fund level IRR 20%+

Multi-family value-add deals

  • Quadrant 2 deals typically, sometimes Quadrant 4
  • Moderate to heavy value-add work
  • Renovations 1-2 years with no / limited cashflow
  • Exit strategy:
    • Stabilization and refi in year 3, and then cashflow or
    • Sale upon stabilization
  • Target IRR 20%+

Industrial, Office and other value-add deal

  • Q2 or Q4 deals (TBD)
  • Execute Value-add plan and then refi (return capital) or resell
  • Target IRR 20%+

Hotel Conversions to affordable multifamily housing

  • Quadrant 4 deals, but move into Quadrant 1 upon stabilization
  • Fast conversion and full stabilization in 12-18 months typically
  • Affordable multifamily housing is in high demand and short supply in most US cities and towns
  • Attractive all-in cost basis and significant returns, typically low-mid IRR 20%+
Assets Selection Criteria

Asset Selection Criteria

The Fund expects to acquire Assets that meet the following selection criteria, as determined by the Manager in its sole discretion:

  • Primarily entities and funds managed by Fairway America, LLC, but the Fund may also invest in entities and funds managed by other Sponsors, in the sole discretion of the Manager
  • Underlying real estate-based assets that have a growth-focused value-add strategy with little to no up-front income
  • Underlying real estate-based assets may include real property and/or debt instruments secured by real property
  • Various asset classes, including but not limited to self-storage, retail, multifamily, office, and industrial
  • Acquisition price for each Asset will typically range from $500,000 to $2,000,000
  • Total capitalization of underlying real estate-based assets (including debt and equity) typically ranging from $2,000,000 to $20,000,000
  • Typical hold periods for underlying real estate-based assets of six to nine years
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